Go Safe with Ziggy




How to stay bright and be seen near roads

Wearing the right clothing, and choosing the right route at night makes a huge difference to your safety.

What to wear:

  • When it’s dull outside, wear bright, fluorescent or while.
  • When it’s dark, wear night reflective gear e.g. reflective vests, sashes, or wristbands. You can also get reflective accessories such as clip-on reflectors, florescent arm bands, or special tape.

Where to walk:

  • Choose well-lit walking routes.
  • Try and cross the road at a place lit-up by street lights and/or buildings.

Cycling or using a scooter at night

If you’re cycling or using a scooter to get around at night – make sure you can be seen by traffic. As well as the usual reflective gear, cyclists must have a white light at the front and a red light at the back, as well one rear reflector.